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How To Connect Or Tether Nikon Camera To Mobile Phone Computer Via WiFi

Wireless Tether

I am discussing here how can we connect or wire/ wireless tether camera any pc smartphone Tablet to watch live view. Normally we connect our camera to for computer for a tablet or for a smartphone with wire. Wire tethering is the very cheapest way to connect our camera.

wireless tether

Because we just need a wire a USB cable and tethering software like an Adobe Lightroom, Capture One,  or DSLR Controller and another third party software But it has a disadvantage because our camera is connected with a wire. and sometimes it messes up. But When we connect our camera wirelessly, we just need to create a wireless network.

You can connect any device computer or smartphone with this wireless network. and your files are transmitted every time you release the shutter button. even you control remotely your camera with your computer or smartphone. And you can access any feature of your camera.

When I bought Nikon D7500 was not happy with its wireless connectivity and it depends on Nikon software snapbridge & Connectivity was also unstable. It was great to disappoint  for me as a loyal user of Nikon. So I kept using wired tethering.

A few days back I just read the  Nikon has already updated firmware version 1.10 last year for the D850D5600, and D7500 DSLRs.

That I overlooked the update Normally I never miss the updates anyhow  With this update the primary improvements are something some photographers have been asking for for years: direct Wi-Fi connections to the cameras from smartphones and tablets.  Lets' watch how can you use your Nikon Camera With SnapBridge Nikon app with independent wifi Or With any third party software

First Check your firmware version Open Camera Men Go to settings > Open firmware I have already updated firmware 1.00 to 1.10 and it is the latest version If you have 1.00 in your Nikon Camera you need to update it Soon I will update a video how can we update firmware Wifi setting

Watch The Video know more about Direct Wifi Connection

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