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Secrets To Capturing Colorful Pictures : Photography


In the Holi Festival

People are very excited to celebrate it, And photographer wants to capture these moments in their camera, either they are amateur or professional So in this article you will learn how can we take stunning and colorful pictures.

The main way it’s celebrated is with the use of colored powder and water. This coloured powder is thrown into the air, thrown at people, and even physically rubbed onto people's faces. For the water, this is thrown with buckets, water balloons, sprayed with hoses, and can even come from shower heads spraying from all around you if you are in a certain temple.

you can learn how can shoot your images in any festival and how can enhance your image quality

With camera or with smartphone or computer app so don’t skip the following video.

Photographing Holi requires some preparation in order to protect your camera.

Powder and water fly around everywhere on the day. You can take a shower afterwards. Your camera can’t.

Take the time to prepare with these easy steps. Buy a rain cover for your camera. Seal the open ends with duct-tape. Take a good all-round lens. You won’t be able to change it again and again

Your memory card should be empty and big enough for all the pictures you’ll take.

Don’t change it outside on the day. Use a fully charged battery but take extra ones too. That’s the only thing you can safely change if you’re careful, but it’s better.

Which Camera Settings to Use Which settings you use depends on your level of experience. Use the camera-mode you feel comfortable with. Settings shouldn’t get in the way of getting great pictures.

Often, you won’t have time to play around. Experiment beforehand and use what you’re

familiar with. If you are familiar with aperture priority . Then go for the aperture priority If you are familiar with shutter priority. Then go for shutter .Here are some additional tips for how to photograph Holi

To freeze powder and moving people, use a shutter speed of at least / sec.

I recommend using manual mode but if you are not comfortable with manual settings then don’t experiment with manual mode, Go for your familiar settings you can also use shutter priority mode .

Select the shutter means S mode in Nikon and Tv mode in Canon Tv means Time value Raise the shutter speed / sec in shutter mode you just need to set the shutter speed aperture value will be set by the camera .

some times lighting conditions are not good Camera not able to get appropriate speed so I recommend you set your ISO at least Or if your camera has a feature of auto ISO , you can set auto ISO then your camera will set your ISO automatically.

So you just need to set speed only . If you use are comfortable with manual mode then you need to set high speed and your aperture should not be small , on safer side use to .

If you are taking a picture of group then I recommend you use f to f in some cases you can also use more narrow aperture.

But if you are beginner then no need to experiment

• Set your lens to manual focus, then focus at a specific distance. This way, you don’t need to focus every time. When something is at the preset distance, you can raise your camera and shoot. Sometimes even without looking through the viewfinder.

• And also use back button focus ,

• Use it so you can prepare your focus and recompose easily. That standard practice is to halfway press the shutter button, the camera focuses, then you press the shutter down the rest of the way to take your image.

Watch the following video to know more :-


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