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How To Create Time-Lapse Photography

Time-Lapse photography is a cousin of Interim clock shooting. The essential contrast is that Time-lapse photography is intended to make a quiet time-pass motion picture complying with the Frame size/Frame rate and Picture territory alternatives arranged before in this part.

Amid time-pass photography, the camera naturally takes pictures at interims you select amid setup and later gathers them into a time-lapse movie.

Mostly all Cameras like Sony, Canon, and Nikon,  all have the same functions to set time-lapse movie.  I am explaining here how to shoot in Nikon Camera.

Nikon is finally getting serious about it with the D7500 camera, by using the 20.9-megapixel Nikon DX-format sensor, the camera is able to shoot 4K UHD videos in 30 frames per second for both regular and time-lapse formats. The D7500 is also no slouch when it comes to performance, there's a 51-point AF system and has the ability to shoot up to 50 shots in 14-bit lossless compressed RAW, the EXPEED 5 image processing engine also ensures that pictures are captured with vibrant true-to-life colours, while ensuring noise levels are low with a native ISO range of up to 51200.

Watch the full Video and learn how to create a time-lapse movie.

Before you start a time-lapse sequence, check the framing and exposure by taking a picture from the position you will use to capture the time-lapse movie. It is often best to shoot in Manual (M) exposure mode with everything preset to a particular aperture, shut- ter speed, and ISO sensitivity. When shooting in M mode, if you are worried about ambient light changes affecting the exposure during the time-lapse session, simply enable Photo Shooting Menu > ISO sensitivity settings > Auto ISO sensitivity control. Use the ISO-Auto set- ting from the Photo Shooting Menu because the Time-lapse photography function is just a series of still images joined together and is not a true video. ISO-Auto allows the camera to vary the ISO sensitivity within a range you can set, and will prevent inconsistencies in exposure during the sequence. Additionally, it is a good idea to choose a White balance setting other than Auto to keep the colors the same across all the images in the time-lapse movie. work portfolio Our Partners

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